FAQs for TSA Docuseries

What is the TSA Docuseries and why should I donate towards it?

The TSA Docuseries is a project taken up by The Schram Academy to memorialise and preserve the rich heritage of Dr. Elizabeth Schram who is the Founder of The Schram Academy, the prestigious school, and all the people of the huge TSA family who have made it a great educational institution in South India. We are embarking on the project with the hope that for centuries to come, the school’s name will resonate beyond the avenues of our city as well as to reach the ears of citizens all around the world as we continue to expand beyond the city of Chennai.

The Docuseries is expected to be a milestone for the school as we celebrate 25 years of existence in its silver jubilee in the year 2025. Join us as we celebrate this momentous occasion with people from all over the world. We also plan to distribute this series on online platforms in order to make it accessible to everyone worldwide. Your donation to this project will be a special gesture as you are taking part in the mission and vision of The Schram Academy and want to see it flourish and grow with every passing day. We are proud of everyone who has joined in this journey and your contribution makes us realise that you believe in us and will come with us through everything that comes our way, especially as we make the TSA Docuseries one of the best projects ever embarked on.

1. How much should I contribute?

Any amount higher than Rs.5000 is encouraged and would be greatly appreciated as a gesture that you believe in this project with as much regard as we do.

2. What are the different levels of donors?

Normal Donors usually donate between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 towards the project. However, there are bronze, silver, gold and diamond sponsor levels that are specifically recognised during the process of creating the series and at the time of completion. These sponsors would also be given priority for a special screening of the docuseries. A bronze sponsor would donate Rs.25,000. A silver sponsor would donate Rs. 50,000. A gold sponsor would donate Rs. 1 lakh and the topmost sponsor is the diamond sponsor whose donation would be Rs. 5 lakhs.

3. What benefits do I get by donating to the project?

Contributing toward the TSA docuseries is an immense act of partaking in the school’s vision to protect and memorialise the rich heritage of The Schram Academy, Dr. Schram (Our Founder), and the recognised legacy that is all the people who are part of the Schram family. For our bronze donors, their names will be mentioned and printed on the official program of the release in our TSA Docuseries.

The silver sponsors will receive all the benefits of the bronze sponsors and receive a memento to memorialize the prestigious occasion.

The gold sponsors will receive all the benefits of the silver sponsor plus receive a specialized memento to memorialise the prestigious occasion and will be invited for the special private viewing of the TSA docuseries in advance to provide their feedback. Additionally, a special invite and interview will be conducted to commemorate the momentous feat.

Finally, the topmost sponsors, platinum sponsors will receive all the benefits of the gold sponsor, and their names will be engraved into the official plaque of the TSA Docuseries. Additionally, these sponsors will receive a prestigious award, a medal, and a certificate for contributing with generosity. These sponsors will be invited to speak at the official screening of the TSA Docuseries and will be invited to join the TSA Executive Club existing to arrange 5-star events for these members and to provide special consideration for TSA school among numerous other benefits that are applicable on joining.

4. How do I proceed to give toward the project?

In order to donate, simply click the link in the appeal email  which will redirect to the webpage on the TSA website. Kindly fill your contact details and then click the link to the payment gateway. Furnish your financial details and then proceed to complete the donation.

5. When is the final date to donate towards the project?

The final date to donation is September 30th, 2023.

6. If I live outside India, how do I donate?

If you live in a different country other than India and would like to donate, Route the donation through a personal Indian account or through a family member or friend so that the process will be straightforward.

EMAIL- infocontribute@theschramacademy.org