About Us


The Schram Academy is founded on the principles of a highly sophisticated learning structure, in which, every student tastes what learning really is and what it is to be a part of a community where excellence is the watchword. Today’s students are power-packed and exude immense energy with the potential to blossom into influential world leaders. The Schram Academy is committed to nurture and create global citizens infused with the zeal to make this world a better place.

We acknowledge the fact that modifying the clichéd ideologies to succeed, survive and sustain is the prime focus of education in this century. TSA stands as a model institution that breaks away from traditional pedagogy, to offer vibrant learning spaces where students think, explore, discover, and innovate. As an educational institution, TSA recognizes its social responsibility in contributing to society citizens with the right attitude, values and motivation. Our students will flourish as the strength of the family, society, nation and ultimately the world. 

Strategically, we believe in dynamism. TSA is a dynamic institution. Every new change defies but succumbs to failure because we have the structure that allows our students to scale every possible height, to stand tall as beacons of inspiration- a testimony that education imparted in the right way can bring hope to an otherwise grim world.

TSA has a wide range of activities which helps students exploit their innate talents and develop new interests. Physical fitness, emotional balance, performing arts, instrumental knowledge, social adjustment, academic excellence, etiquette and mannerism, sophistication of thought process, reduction of vulnerabilities, and enhancement of learner’s attributes are some of the goals for every child who enters The Schram Academy. TSA oozes exuberance, throws open an ambience of excitement, takes delight in providing learning characterised by engagement and involvement of students in what they wish to acquire.

The Schram Academy envisions ‘Excellence in Education’ with an aim to give to society world-class citizens leading this nation to great heights!


In Keeping with our motto ‘Excellence in Education’, The Schram Academy aims to educate students of all communities, religious and nationalities, to be responsible citizens, able to think creatively, reason critically and communicate effectively, and to develop their potential whilst imparting moral and ethical values, encouraging self-discipline and mutual respect.


Forging lasting threads of friendly bonds is an ongoing process for which we pride ourselves at TSA. Striving to inculcate self- discipline in pupils while at the same time providing the right assortment of ingredients to blend excellence into the system has been our watchword. Our paramount goal is to nurture physical- mental-emotional growth, responsible behavior, promote true sportsmanship along with the ability and drive to complete, develop pride of school and one’s own achievements-all of which are placed on a secular platform.

Our fervent objective is to innovate in both the scholastic and co- scholastic domains to ensure their meaningful contribution towards the economic prosperity in order to create a more dynamic & competitive society which also has inclusive space for all strata of achievers. Excellence in Education is not just our focus but central to ambition to encourage the development of creativity and originality of vision in all who are a part of this system.

The Schram Academy is endowed with a clear vision for the attainment of excellence in the imparting of education. We are diligently working to equip our teachers with the best inputs and model teaching and learning practices from around the world combined with the incorporation of technology. The super structure thus created will in due course blossom into a unique model worth emulating.

Success in the 21st century will be dependent on the ability of young learners to use their knowledge and experience with the conviction of bringing about a change.21st century teaching at TSA is all about providing opportunities that extend beyond the boundaries of the classroom and empowering students to perform with success in the future integrated global community.