‘Rendezvous’, a Parents evening Out, changed the scenario of The Schram Academy’s, landscape with heart-racing music; irresistible aroma of the South Indian delicacies; and excessively indulging games. It was Parents evening Out! Away from the routine stressed-out life, parents lolled in a myriad of games designed for all ages in various stalls. The tempo was upbeat especially when the four groups (named after domestic animals), outdid in drowning the opponents’ roaring voices as they went about breaking the ‘Piniata’. No less frenzy was seen in other stalls as they sprawled and slouched; dangled and flopped in Flip and Fit; Two to Tango; Spaghetti Tower; Housie and Gobble-it-up, but to name a few. The Tattoo, Mehendi and Selfie Counters, too, were abuzz with exquisite designs and peculiar poses. To top it up, the pulsating Red Indians, Zulu, Mexican and our Tooda tribes, represented by our Students, set the camp-fire alight with an apropos message of harmony with mother-nature and ‘people-of-good-will’. Soon the evening Sun faded in the distance and the distant sparkling stars smiled with their unequivocal statement of contentment and tranquility. Spot prizes for parents and other events were handed to the gallant winners at the hands of our Principal, Mr. Man Singh Subha; and the wizard of the event!