The Management


Hailing from a family of educationalists, Dr. Schram and I had a the dream of establishing a school of excellence which we then turned into reality in the year 2000. Together we started The Schram Foundation as the founding trustees and have since tried to maintain key standards for the school. I have worked in several educational institutions which provided me the experience to set and uphold these standards. I worked as the headmistress at St. Matthias’ Anglo-Indian School for thirty five years and also held the post of Honorary Secretary of the Association of Heads of Anglo-Indian Schools (Tamil Nadu), and was appointed as a member of The Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education by the Government of Tamil Nadu to represent Tamil Nadu. I was also honored with the Tamil Nadu State Government Best Teacher Award in 1990. After retirement, I contributed in various capacities to the cause of education viz. as Vice-President of the Board of Directors and Correspondent of St. George’s Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School; as an Executive Board Member of St. Christopher’s College of Education; and Chairperson and member of the School Committee of Bentinck Higher Secondary School for Girls.

The Schram Foundation being an international initiative focuses on incorporating the best of Indian and international education. To ensure this, programmes like the Visiting Foreign Faculty and the S.T.A.R.T (Schram Teachers’ Academy for Research and Training) were introduced with the most experienced teachers from The Netherlands, The U.K and The U.S.A. In addition to this, experts in the field of education conduct seminars, workshops and other training to align the standards of TSA with the best in the world. We strive for excellence with each passing year and even though Dr. Schram’s passing in 2019 was unexpected, the legacy she and I created shall continue for many years to come – shaping students to be responsible citizens of the world.

Cynthia Ignatius


Greetings from The Schram Academy!

I am thrilled to invite you to explore the new avenues of education in our growing family of schools. What began in 2000 as a primary school with 80 students by Dr. Elizabeth Schram, our founder (and my maternal aunt), now empowers over 3000 students who have the potential to change the world. Dr. Schram’s vision was to create a school with a difference, where innovation and creativity would be the hallmark of every TSA student. Keeping this goal in mind, we face the future with confidence and with the commitment to provide our students with the best knowledge and skills to impact society and transform 21st century India.

With our motto, “EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION”, our aim is to offer our students a holistic, well-rounded educational experience that goes beyond “book knowledge.” We realize that tests and Board exams are important, but the vision of The Schram Academy is to move beyond the traditional education systems in India. We want to prepare graduates for our country who will identify and remove the problems faced in India today and provide solutions to sustain every section of our society. Education must be practical and transformative, and at TSA, we are building our management, teachers and students with the energy to face and overcome the challenges that face people today – no matter their caste, creed, or religion.

Plans for 2021-2022: We are happy to announce that apart from two campuses devoted to the CBSE Board system, we will launch an exclusive CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL campus and a top-grade KINDERGARTEN PRE-SCHOOL campus in 2021-2022. In addition, we are planning a new partnership to offer the AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICE OF SECONDARY EDUCATION (AICSE) to prepare Indian students for their education at American universities. TSA also plans to restore the very innovative VISITING FOREIGN FACULTY programme which enables our teachers to be equipped with the latest teaching- learning methodologies which will transform our school into a powerhouse of creative knowledge and skills for the 21st century.

Peter Ignatius

Managing Trustee

Greetings to you all!!

Education is about ‘Learning for self and acquiring the wisdom of life’.

With the advent of technology, as we move into a boundary-less and inter-connected world, the common phrase ‘Sky is the limit’ seems a bit of a cliché, since the quantum of success has grown in manifold. With success comes the attitude towards winning and spirit of achievement; and education should aim towards preparing the mind- set for excellence. Excellence can be achieved in various fields depending on the child’s capacities and capabilities. Experimental Learning, to me, is the key to quality education.

Today, classrooms have become centers for collaborative and comprehensive learning that would enhance the growth curve and prepare the students for challenging roles in the future. Innovation and creativity are like peas in a pod and it is the inquisitive mind that has a hunger to gather more and more information, create a knowledge pool and use relevant content to experiment, create and innovate.

As I embark on my journey with you all, I believe the task of character building as an important area of growth along with excellence in multiple disciplines for the students like value-based learning, soft skills development, leadership training, the art of self- governance, crisis management and so on.

Finally, education is all about providing the specialized skills and negotiating tools to the coming generation that can be used constructively for the betterment of mankind. Best Wishes for Happy Schooling . . . . .

Mrs. Elizabeth Edwin


It’s a pleasure to work with TSA to especially fulfill its social goals. I head the Strategic Partnerships department in International Justice Mission India (IJM), Chennai. IJM is a global organization focused on collaborating with governments to support the successful implementation of programs around safety and protection of the vulnerable poor, particularly on issues of bonded labour, human trafficking and crimes against women and children. In this role, I drive strategies and avenues of engagement with thought leaders, business houses and other institutions.  

I’ve also worked with Habitat for Humanity India, overseeing the National and International Volunteer Programs, Resource Development & Corporate Partnership efforts for Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Thereafter, I served as the Operations Manager overseeing Centre Operations of the Small Enterprise Finance Centre, and as the Senior Grants Manager overseeing grant compliances and research budgets on internationally funded research projects at IFMR LEAD at the Institute for Financial Management and Research.  

The highlighting merits to my name include a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from The New College, a Bachelor of Theology from Lakeview Bible College & Seminary, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Initiative & Management from the Centre for Social Initiative and Management, an Advance Certificate Program in Social Media Marketing from NIIT Imperia, an Executive Program in Financial Management from the Loyola Institute of Business Administration, and a Masters Program in Project Management from Simplilearn Solutions.  

As a Trustee, I aspire to support TSA towards building a vibrant student development program that educates and empowers children to grow up as informed and responsible citizens in society.  To be agents of change, students require an exposure to a wide array of societal issues, facilitated in a child-friendly manner to have their curiosities and compassion kindled. Inculcating values of responsible citizenship, children can be taught to build bridges against exclusionary forces and respond empathetically to the needs of the vulnerable and marginalized in local communities around or detached from us. Children also need to be introduced to complexities around the emerging sustainability challenges to our planet and people so as to know how to reason, present their positions or view points in a thoughtful way, and explore opportunities to connect, engage and collaborate for a better world.

Mclaud Emmanuel


I am happy to be a part of The Schram Foundation and to be a Trustee.

I am blessed with vast experience in administration in educational institutions like Karunya University as a Trustee and Chancellor’s Representative to the University to manage the affairs of the University, and as a correspondent of the two Karunya Schools, and as a Board of Directors of Kodai International school, Kodaikanal, served as an administrator and later as an office bearer of the Board of Directors of Woodstock school, Mussoorie,

I served as a Director for Southern Asia of an International NGO (The Leprosy Mission International) based in Delhi where I managed Hospitals / Community projects in six countries.

I am privileged to use my experience to help the TSA school’s administration in fulfilling its objectives to be a centre of excellence and provide holistic development to the students.

The teachings and the values imbibed by the students who graduate from TSA shall excel in their career to reach the pinnacle and use their skills and knowledge gained to the growth of the country and the Community at large Globally. They will be good citizens being active ,productive, caring for the people with social concern, and above all contribute to the Nation Building.